Design visually, process data with Python

Do your data processing in Python, design your plots with MPLG. Extend hand-crafted plots, and when you're done, integrate the Python code into your existing codebase.

Export high quality, reusable Python code

Your changes in the visual editor are translated into quality Python code, so that when you need to extend your plots, you can do so without friction.

Use LaTeX

Write expressions in LaTeX everywhere. When exporting a plot, the fonts and other visual elements are adjusted to match those of a LaTeX document.

A code snippet to include the plot in your document is available at all times.

Place text and annotations

With MPLG you can place text as if you were editing the plot in Photoshop, and of course edit the python code afterwards.

No more fiddling with the indecipherable Matplotlib API, common properties like backgrounds, colours, shapes and arrows are all supported.